Does anyone else have a wound/scar like this from playing guitar...??

I have some hard callouses and scars/marks from playing acoustic guitar.

My technique is bashing the strings quite hard with the side of my hand and dubbing the sound also with the side of hand, this is how I have got these 'string indents' on my hand where it hits the strings . (I don't play with a plek)

Sometimes it bleeds depending on how intense I play, so the wound never properly heals.

Please, help , am I the only freak with these???!!!
Can you be a little more specific? Is this your fretting hand or strumming hand? What exactly are you doing that causes this?
It looks like there is some inflammation there. I think you'd better let those heal or else there might be some complications as in getting infections and so on. Perhaps you may want to reconsider the technique that you adopted. I have never heard of any accomplished guitarists having injured their hands like that.
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maybe start wrapping your hand before you play.

they have this stuff in a green bottle, i think its called "working hands". it might help too. It normally cures cracks on your hands when you work hard with them. not sure how it will help with strings cutting into your hand.
I'll assume you're right handed.

So that's your strumming hand. The wound looks like it's kind of calloused, which would indicate a repetitive technique issue. The position of the wound is about where the E and B strings would be.

Remember that your wrist can move up and down as you move between strings. That's how you maintain pick angle (and consequently, tone). Let your right hand relax and practice string skipping while moving the wrist to accommodate the string.

If your technique is any kind of "bashing", you need to stop it. It's understandably fun to play in such an intense manner, but if you don't move past it, guitar will just become a painful, frustrating thing. Work on putting that energy into good technique, and you'll be able to play with just as much intensity, and a lot more precision and physical comfort.
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Please, help , am I the only freak with these???!!!

I would say so.

No one else is likely to have that sort of callous mark pattern, because it is very unlikely anyone else is using this bashing technique. I wouldn't want to judge this technique one way or another if you feel like it somehow gives you some unique expression. Chances are its a pretty limiting technique. Your options are probably find another technique, live with it, or perhaps use something like a glove.
Ya, odds are, you probably want to rethink your technique. On the other hand, no pun intended, you might have a unique and cool technique that you should keep, in which case, I'd let that heal for a couple of weeks, and then start playing again, and it will become strong enough where you won't bleed from playing that way.

It does appear to me a very odd place to develop such intense callouses.
I have some of those guitar playing wounds you speak of...But mostly mental lol
Basically, those are cuts.

And like you've said, they never heal because the way you play keeps opening them up again.

Best thing to do is stop playing until they've healed, or at least stop playing the way you've been playing. Unless you want to end up with big, ugly ass scars on your hand.
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Well, you're not the only one with injuries. After playing for the last few months I noticed that my fingers were quite sore, and they'd bleed a lot at the slightest provocation (even texting, my iPhone would have red smeared all over the screen).
Oh geez. This is a very rare condition. I've actually researched this extensively. There's only one cure, you have to amputate at the wrist to keep it from spreading