Hello! I am a beginner guitar player and when I mean beginner, I mean I just started playing a few months ago (in February I think?) (but lately I've been taking things VERY seriously)
I have basic knowledge of things. I know the basic open chords, why they are the way they are, I know the major scale fluently and the whole step half step chord thing , and I can change the chords pretty fast (i guess)

But with the music that i want to play which is 90s, Midwest emo. I heard that they usually use open tuning to play. So me, wanting to play that style of music, should I continue to practice in standard tuning or open tuning?
I'm just so confused about everything and there's almost no tutorials for this stuff

Please list the advantages & disadvantages of both of both these tunings, and what do you recommend I do? please help? DX