Hey there all,

Decided to release the full version of some tracks from an old album called 'King's Karpet'

Here's one of them, called 'Path of the Damned (mov. 2)'


Although this is an old track (and the production isn't as good) if anyone takes the time to leave some feedback I'd be willing to check out some of your stuff also and do the same: a.k.a C4C
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I absolutely love it, especially the changes from 2:50 and 5:00 onwards and the slightly oriental vibe that some of the parts have.

I don't know how I should give a feedback on it, so I'm just going to guess influences: Frank Zappa, Marco Minneman, Symphony X, Dream Theater, King Crimson, Billy Cobham (because of Mahevac). Am I right about any of these?

Oh, also I just bought your album on iTunes. Keep up the good work!
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Thanks for the support man I appreciate it.

As for the influences - you pretty much guessed the main influences with Zappa being the strongest. (Marco Minneman not so much and Billy Cobham I've never heard of until now)

Thanks again for listening and purchasing the album. (you're the first!)

Keep it spicy.