Hi All,

My pedalboard is pretty much complete, but I'm seriously GASsing for a 'Repeat percussions' tremolo and I'm thinking the EQD Hummingbird would be a good bet. Problem is, I have no room on my Pedaltrain Jr. So I'm going to have to be creative.

Right now, I run a Neunaber WET Reverb (older version) into an MXR Carbon Copy.

I was thinking of replacing these two pedals with An EQD Dispatch Master (Both Delay and Reverb) to make room for the EQD Hummingbird.

The DM doesn't self-oscillate (I'll kinda miss that, but not really a big deal) Other than that, I've heard it's a cool pedal.

What do you guys think? I play space rock mostly.

-Major Bludd
I had the same idea, but ended up with a carbon copy after playing the DM. I don't think it does delay or reverb well enough to replace two pedals, or honestly even a decent delay. The limited verb controls handicap it badly, and the delay is nothing special. If space is the issue, some of the smaller units from Malekko or Catalinbread are a better way, IMO.
I'm not familiar with the Neunaber Reverb pedal so don't know if that will properly replace it, but the TC Electronic Mini pedals (Hall of Fame Reverb and Flashback Delay) are really tiny and two will basically take as much space as one regular pedal. They really sound great and the toneprints allow you to emulate an emormous amount of different tones (I'm in love with some of the tape/analog delays and the church reverb is so fluffy I want to hug it), so it might be an option.
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look into malekko. they are my go to for delay at this point (i have a ekko616 and a 616lofi).

i have the chorus, which is great. it isn't much wider than a jack, and it is pretty sweet.

i also have two totally different malekko pedals coming in. i will share those on an incoming NPD.
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