Hello all,

Don't know if I do this right, but I'm really in need of advice, as I can't afford to make a mistake and buy something I'll be disappointed by.

I'm a kinda basic 20-year old guy. Don't earn much money, don't play much because of college, traineeship, and also because my equipment really really sucks for someone of my age, style and level:

- a 8 year old Keiper Les Paul. It's sound is still decent, but the buttons, hardware and wood.. it's all damaged or rusty or broken. I have a feeling that's one of the reasons I don't play it as much as I used to..
- a Line-Six Spider III, in great shape, but yeah it's really cheap.
- Crybaby Wah + Boss DS-1 (got the opportunity to have both for 50E)
- A De.Fender (yeah.. really.. from Egypt) Classical Nylon. It's the most boring guitar ever in my opinion. Rarely play it.
- A (no idea) dreadnought 12-string. 45-yrs-old, still brilliant but I don't use it every day, it's a really big guitar and very uncomfortable.

What do I play? Well, actually, anything. From Satriani to Slayer to Jack Johnson to Rush to Leadbelly to RATM to Beatles to RHCP. But, I'm still the typical blues-guy, I love improvising in a Jimi/Stevie/Jimmy-way. On acoustic I often play John Denver/Jack Johnson/Bob Dylan/Classical and ofcourse all sorts of blues. I learn really quick and love to play new stuff/styles/solos.

I gues you all know me well enough now.
The thing is, I'd really like a Electric-Acoustic guitar to add to my collection. I haven't got a 6-steel-string acoustic, but my favourite (blues) artists all use one very often. But would a Yamaha CPX500III or Epiphone EJ200CE or Ibanez AEG24II fit my amp?

I have no idea what would be best.. What should I aim at first, a 400-500-ish electric and/or decent/under 200 Euros amp, a good (250-400 max) amp and then a cheap E-A-guitar, or just get the E-A-guitar and go all-out on an amp later? And what budget for each? I've got 600-700 E to spend, but I'd have to wait till January if I want to spend more.

To be clear: I'd really like an E-A-Guitar, but I wonder if I'd be making the right choice.. Is it worth the money, or would it be a dumb move as my amp sucks and my electric's shit.. What would you do if you were me?

If you have any recommendation of an amp, electric guitar or e-a-guitar, I'd love to hear as much as possible. The three types E-A-guitar's above are the ones I'm interested in most. Any review on them?

A lot of questions, but any help will be very appreciated! Sorry in advance for the long & boring thread.
Quote by Joost1795
I'm a kinda basic 20-year old guy
Good. Can't stand those extravagant 20-year old guys.

The type of music you want to play most should determine whether you get an electric or electro-acoustic. No point in getting the latter if you're in a Slipknot phase of life.
What type of music do you want to play most?
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What type of music do you want to play most?

I love to play bluesy stuff, both electric and acoustic blues. Jimi Hendrix/SRV/Jimmy Page, that's probably what I play & enjoy most. Leadbelly/Robert Johnson styles too, on the twelvestring mostly.
My advice:

1) if you want to play an acoustic-electric or an acoustic through an amp, you're better off with an acoustic amp. They're voiced differently than amps for electrics. Not that you can't do it just that you're more likely to get a pleasing tone with less effort with a dedicated acoustic amp.

2). While those guitars should be just fine, my personal preferences in guitars like that in that price range would be to look at the Seagulls first. Their S6 line is just full of guitars that offer great time for the money...and some compare them favorably to guitars twice the price. I've been wanting one for years, but never pulled the trigger- some other better, limited time deal pops up in my radar.

Their 12-string is currently in my top 3 for consideration, along with a Breedlove and an Ovation.

3) you're going to get more- and probably better- answers asking in the acoustic forum. If patticake answers, treat her response like gold. She seems to have tried damn near everything in the acoustic market, and really knows her stuff!

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