Finally we got back together and could make something new! This time we spent a lot of time on the production side of things which I think is noticeable for good and bad. We definitely learned a lot about recording, mixing and mastering so this track has kind of been hit by the "creator's curse" which means if we did it all over again now, it would probably already be much better.

That said, we're proud of what we've achieved with our limited equipment and knowledge - oh, and we're also pretty proud of the actual song itself. So now we hand it to the lions (you) to tear it apart!

You can listen on Bandcamp, Soundcloud (it's also on all kinds of other streaming services as well if you prefer) or watch the accompanying video on YouTube. Make sure to leave your own music if you want some feedback from us!

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Hey thanks for the crit!

I agree with aaron, I much preferred when the song kicked into the heavier sound, there's a nice psych rock feel then. That might be because i'm just listening though my laptop and i'm loosing a lot of the production you did, but the quiet sections didn't keep me as hooked. You need them for contrast though, in my opinion I'd prefer them tightened up a bit, go for a shorter song.
Bit of a weird music video haha.

I think we come from the opposite ends of the musical spectrum when it comes to taste but the song sounds cool. You wouldn't really count me as your target market though unfortunately so my critique is pretty worthless to you haha.

Cheers for the comment on mine
I like the tone so far, really trippy intro. I love the progression and the effects in the backgrounds, makes for a very cool and hazy feel to the track. The vocals sound a little airy and could use more of a base to them I think, but they definetly fit the song, progressive sound to it kind of like Porcupine Tree. Notice a falter before 1:50, and the scream could be a little cleaner but it gets better. This change is especially welcome and the solo is very dank and tasty. I love the guitar work around 2:40 but i'm not agreeing with the vocal melody as much. As a whole the song flows very uniquely and the lyrics are well done, as is the video which is artistic. Keep it up guys! awesome ending as well.

Lovely lush production, full of subtle suggestions of complicated, deeply fleeting vocals. Progressively influenced composition with clever harmonies and unexpected changes that all work beautifully, creating a meaningful moodiness. This reminds me somewhat of "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" by Genesis, with its weirdly wonderful chords and odd time signatures, all consummately woven into continuity in this penetrating piece.
The ending is sweet, creating a feeling of completion and resolution both musically and poetically.
More of an artistic journey than a song, stimulating to both the intellect and the emotions, a brilliantly conceived and executed tour de force,,,,
Hey, thanks for the criticism.

I really dig the intro with the random noises( door creaking?) and the acoustic ending, but I'm not a fan of the vocals. Great chord progression; very dark. The lead guitar sounded awesome; simple, but perfect for the song.

Overall, great production; strange video.
Thanks for the crit!

First off love the production on this. I also really enjoy the singing. Music video is definitely outside the box, quite unique. There's something about the vocal tone that's quite different but fits very well. I love the subtle trippy delay on the clean guitars. Great composition overall. I'm not sure if you're the singer or not, BUT if so, who are your vocal influences? Your voice sounds amazing for this kind of music. The lead guitar is perfect too. Just wow! AMAZING overall!
Thanks for the crit, home skillet.

Oh, wow. Cool. Video bonus. That's fun.

I really like this kind of music. It's unclassifiable. You can't easily sit there and listen to it, and say, "Oh, they sound like _____." Good for you.

I'm a big fan of occasional sour notes being thrown in. When I say "sour notes," I don't mean you sang or played the note wrong. I mean the accomplished note was unexpected and off center from the rest of the song, which keeps the listener interested and not bored.

I'd like to say this song could get airtime, but I doubt it, and that's a shame. It's too original. I'm 39 years old, and at least in my lifetime, I can't recall a time like 2015, where originality is so frowned upon. Thank goodness for sites like Ultimate Guitar, where fans of music that doesn't necessarily fit into a pop culture mold can get their fix.

Well done.
(C4C) Here's the thread for my loopy loop, "We Began." It's kooky... CLICK
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Really nice work. The intro was very creepy and tense. I was a bit worried when I saw the comments talking about how it moved into a heavier section, but when the change came it had a really solid groove and and strong solo to round it out. If I were to be picky I would say I think you could got some more from your 'full on' section before retreating back to acoustic sounds.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=33615893#post33615893
What a beautiful haunting intro, I love the chord changes at 1:40. In fact I prefer the acoustic parts more than the heavy bit. Really well recorded, forget the "creator's curse", this is very professional. Great piece of work, you should be proud. Any negative stuff???... I wasn't blown away by the video but that's probably just my old age.
Thank you so much for your feedback on my track!

I really love the ambient nature of the first half, the clean guitar sound is lovely and the other touches help to build things nicely.
The vocals are interesting, the delivery style is familiar somehow, but I can't for the life of me put my finger on why.

The kick-in halfway through was simply marvelous, it progressed things in a rather unexpected way.
I like the lead tone a lot as well.

The soft closing section was downright beautiful, I think the guitar and vocals worked perfectly together.
I can't really think of any criticism to give, so I will just close off by saying that overall I enjoyed this very much and think you guys did a fantastic job.