All i have is my PC speakers and those dont not get loud enough for when we get together to jam along in the garage.

Anyone have an recommendations for a nice system that can get loud enough for metal to play along to? Like to keep it around 100-150 is possible. Thanks
If it's only for jamming it might be more sensible to just get a guitar amp? Unless you don't have room (or there's some other reason I haven't thought of, I don't know anything about using PCs for guitar tones).
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Around that price, you should be able to get a powered wedge monitor with a line input.
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Home stereo system, monitors, wedge, anything that's FRFR and has enough power to be heard really.

I use the CD in on the back of a POS Marshall MG50 1x12, and it works pretty well for that. It needn't be audiophile quality reproduction.
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Personally I found that I kept blowing up 100W woofers in my hifi trying to keep up with my amps. Now I run 300W PA drivers in there. Sure, the fidelity isn't great but at least they hang in there.
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