I am looking to get a new acoustic electric, and I've narrowed it down to two.

The Taylor

I really liked this guitar while playing it in Guitar Center today. Nice smooth action, great sound. It's kind of plain looking, but most Taylors I've seen are. Feels really well built. Sounds good plugged in. Only con I see is no on board tuner. I don't have the best ear, and I usually forget to tune until I'm surrounded by people talking and other instruments playing... I have a standalone tuner, but that's a pain to have to get out and plug in.

The Breedlove

Beautiful guitar with a rich sound. Great action. I felt like it didn't have the depth of the Taylor (highs didn't ring, no where near the volume). Also feels really well built and sounds great plugged in. It has more on board electronics, mainly, the tuner. The store I was in today didn't have the Breedlove Solo, the dreadnought body for the same price as this one.

I'm attributing the sound difference to two different style bodies, but I could be wrong. Guitar Center didn't have a dreadnought Breedlove in the same range (had a cheap one). Also, looks aren't everything I know, but the Breedlove definitely looks better. The Taylor comes in Sunburst too, but I've had bad luck with painted guitars. They seem to chip.

Main question: Has anyone played both these guitars and have a definitive favorite? If so, why?