Hi mate, I enjoyed this song. Very chilled out and it reminds me a bit of Faith No More's version of Easy. The short lead at 1:40 is nice, fits the song and not overplayed. You have a good voice for this kind of music.

Nice tune, well sung and played.
Technically you may be recording at too low a level since you can here noise all the way through. For posting purposes it would be nice if you got rid of the noise at the start anyway. At the end of the solo the volume of the acoustic dips dramatically - this should be altered if possible.
I like the chord progression and the arpeggiated guitar playing along. Very cool. Your voice is good, but it sounds like you're holding back a lot - as if you don't want anyone to hear you. The solo felt a bit forced and unnecessary in my opinion. I feel as if the rest is strong enough to stand on its own, it doesn't need a "climax" of any kind, the mellow tension works well on its own. But only my opinion of course, I see that others like the lead guitar!

All in all, good work.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone! The noise is probably mostly because I'm just recording using my MacBooks onboard mic. I was on the fence about the solo actually, It'd be a very short song otherwise though.
Thank you for the reviews! Now your tune: guitar chords are nice, though I think sometimes you are strumming rather hard for for a fairly mellow song; perhaps some compression on the guitar would help? Singing/vocal melodies are good. Nice song.
Thanks so much for checking out my song, sorry for taking so long to get back to you.

Right out of the gate I am loving it, the soft acoustic sound is fantastic.
I really enjoy your vocal style too, it makes me think a little of Smashing Pumpkins' softer stuff, but with a nice folky touch, a great combination in my books.
That solo was downright beautiful, I was not expecting that, but it really ties the song together well.
Overall I think it is a great song and don't really have any criticisms.