Hello all.

After a somewhat lengthy period sans internet I m finally back on line and able to release my latest abomination on the world. So..........

~brown-trout-productions proudly presents~

The Destroyer of Worlds

This was originally supposed to be a hardcore all out black metal track, savage and uncompromising. But, like a post coital phallus, it sort of went a bit soft and limp towards the end. I'm not sure if I ruined it or not, the masses can be the judge.

Anyway, as always any criticisms and suggestions relating to composition or mix will be greatfully received. And as always I will be happy to crit for anyone taking the time to comment.

I like your use of sound clips. The vocals are original sounding and overall the song is pretty cool. I think the guitars could be louder. I think if you try harmonizing the guitars on the main riff it could sound good. The ending was good
Beginning, first seconds, remind me about megadeth. Very interesting vocal, I like it. Like middle part when solo comes in. It is the best black metal I've ever heard. I think need to make guitars louder a little bit, but maybe it is not in this style of metal, I am not know how black might be sounding black metal.
Haha, fucking love it! Your vocals are like Dani Filth's. I've always wondered how to go about making such a sound.

I wouldn't call the ending soft and limp either to be honest. It's not like you've gone all Nymphetamine on us.

Where did you get the sound samples from?
Thank you all for the kind words.

Karstaag666 - The way I do the vocals is basically a kind of raspy voice into the mic. I then send it off to a bus, to which I add some guitar distortion plugin goodness and mix it with the dry sound in the mix. Purists would crucify me for it - but as it's black metal a crucifixion would likely increase my street cred!

As for the samples - they came from around the web. I had to listen through quite a lot of news reports etc before I found stuff I liked.

And yeah, Nymphetamine - the sad thing is that part of me sort of liked that track when I heard it. I know its an awful track, but I like Liv Kristen's voice.
I hear in America they have residential camps where they claim to be able to beat the limp wristedness out of people - perhaps I should book myself a place....

I'd say you've nailed the style and sound for sure! I'm not the biggest fan of black metal, but I like that your vocals are intelligible.

I want to say the guitars sound a tad too scooped and maybe too much gain, but the style is kinda just like that. Your lead guitar is a bit too narrow and quiet though, IMO
I like what you've done here man! The samples really remind me of Cathedral with the Hopkins Witchfinder General track! Thats something different in black metal for sure. Your vocals are pretty good and the song structure and ideas, guitars etc are great. Just needs a real drummer and a more suitable proper production and I think it would be great, really keen to hear more and how you progress so following you on soundcloud. Has a bit of a Mayhem vibe from Grand Declaration of War with the vocals I reckon, well done.
What can I say? The riffage and the vocals are what you come to expect from Black Metal. The audiophile in me wants more in-your-face mixing, but then that's not in the spirit of the genre so I leave that up to the artist. Love the guitar harmonies toward the end. Nice track.
Maan, this is some pretty awesome shit. I really like how the drums sound. First thing I have to say is that the guitar tone is too fizzy for me, too much high end. But then again, I don't listen to black metal so what do I know, it works best at 1:30 I think. I really like the lead guitar in the verses, it creates a sort of dark and unresolved atmosphere. The instrumental is pretty sick, I enjoyed listening to the whole thing.
Totally extreme music here, you either love or hate it, and I love it. In a world of tiresome compromise and flaky fawning, this open the doors to the pure unbridled expression of inner tension and repressed anger that lies deep in us all. The use of Oppenheimer's quote from the Bhagavad Gita sets the scene for this extravaganza of frenetic effusion. The super busy drums are perfect, never distracting or clumsy, but manically driving the song forward with pert precision. Solid guitars and bass do exactly as they should. The tortured vocal works perfectly, with lots of clear lyricism that give the requisite disturbing imagery of atomic death and destruction.
Here the poetical and musical work in congruous harmony to create a monster of a piece. Perhaps the mix needs a bit more bass, more thickness at the bottom end, and less treble crashing of the cymbals, but this is a minor criticism of this awesome work.
For something equally twisted in its own way, you can C4C here.
The vocals are a bit heavy for my taste, but they match the lyrics. The guitar riffs are good. The 'narrators' are very appropriate for the topic at hand. As terrible as the atomic bombs were, it is probable that those bombs saved millions of lives. The Japanese were ready to fight until there were no more soldiers left alive. I read recently the U.S. government was ready to have a naval blockade for the whole country of Japan (had the atomic bombs not ended the war), and approximately 20 million Japanese would have starved to death. Pretty brutal, but the Japanese started the war (against the U.S.A.) by attacking the U.S.A., and the Japanese were very brutal themselves. Please review my music at this link:

Hey dude!

Thanks so much for taking a listen to my track! Onward to this beast!

"The Destroyer Of Worlds" thrusts the listener into the depths of black metal. The guitar tone, vocal style, and drum programming are superb and fit the genre exceedingly well. I really dig your bass tone, it's very salient. Mix-wise, there is a lot of room between the instruments and I had no issues distinguishing one from another. I think the vocals could use a little bit of delay or reverb just to stand out A BIT more. I enjoy your guitarwork, it's very melodic. I enjoy the change of pace about one third through the track. I'd have no issue blasting this track in my car on my way home from work. I liked the movie/television samples as well. I normally don't like these, as bands tend to over-use them and take the focus off of the track itself, but this enhanced an already well-structured arrangement.

Here are some of the highlights of the track for me:

0:27 You'll never see me complain about double bass runs. This one happened at the perfect transition for me.

1:25-1:47 That sample is pretty intense, I also dig that the track sort of slows down a little and gets less _busy_

3:00 I kind of wish there was an outro solo here.

I look forward to hearing more of your work on Soundcloud.

Peace man!