hey everyone, i have an emg81 and an emg89 lying in front of me, i also have a fender-style 3-way switch, and an emg volume pot.
from what i gather the emg89 is both a single coil and a humbucker in one housing, but honestly i am quite confused, and didn't completely understand what wire is what, maybe you can help me out.
what i'd like best is the following: HH setup, 81 bridge - 89 neck, 3-way switch, one volume for both, no tone, with switch positions of the 3-way as follows: top - 89 hum, middle - 89 single coil, bottom - 81.
is that possible?
these diagrams on the marshall forum are a good start

for the single coil preamp in the 3 way selector I'll get back to this later today as I got to go through some notes

if i was to guess orange and blue are your coiltapping wires

so that being said the switch has 8 contacts

what do these mean? simple
1 - the 81 pickups hot lead
3 - your 89 pickup in say a single coil setting
5 - your 89 in full power (lets say)
0 - your hot lead on your selector
the other pole (0135) is not used at all.

look up a 2 volume wiring (or go on the seymour duncan wiring generator) and do the 3 way selector my way , for the active portions of the pickup they remain the same and do not have to be de-soldered. The selectors inspiration came from back when fender guitars didn't use 5 way blades so this was pretty common then if i remember right.

hope i could help point you in the right direction though as i haven't slept yet
used the diagram from above, works like a charm in my RG550LTD, thanks a lot!
i remember learning to play guitar on here like 10 years ago, and after so many years this forum still delivers within an hour, amazing!