Hey man, I liek the sludgy feel of this, after it opens up it kind of plods along with 'slimey' riffs that are VERY reminiscent of a dark cabernet. I like this sound alot and was not expecting it to go in the direction that it did. Very groovy stuff man, needs some bass so damn badly. Or if it does I can't hear it, the lead lines have a ton of interplay and they almost sound midi-ish at points. Overall I like the feel of it but I can't shake that midi feel off now, I feel like it could sound more realistic. But some of the melody are very developed and sound dirty in the best way possible. I hear the bass at the ending but thats the only time I hear it. Nice job on this piece tho, look foreward to hearing more from you!

Interesting progression. I was surprised with how good the Guitar Pro sounds actually sounded - although it is clear that they're not real guitars. Could totally hear this in a game soundtrack of some kind. Agree with Owen, needs some bass, not sure if it's actually there before the end, but it's very low in the mix in that case, but the licks and riffs and whatever you want to call it sound very developed and thought out. Good job!

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