Hello everyone, I re-recorded old song, early this song was on russian language and we with band decided to make it on English. So, it is our first song like a Horrorgraph. Hope you will enjoy.
Song here

Verse 1:
Entire world - it's a hell.
Human blood - it's a bane.
We'll create paradise on the ruins.
Who are weak with a mind.
Has accepted postulate.
Have perverted by system of naughty.
Verse 2:
Thousand victims on us.
Our goal can't be found.
Cuz our goal does not even exist.
We in system like lash.
We will give only a death.
Cuz our victims will not condemn us.
We were created to kill for a idea.
We were created to kill for the faith.
To make the world staying on knees
For sake of Allah by Lucifer hand
Loving the Pantera influence on this. Would be interested to hear it in Russian.
Overall a cool song, would go down well in some of the crowds I know in London

Thanks again for the comment dude!
Old Schoooooool!

I cant help but smile for a good ol fashioned thrash sound! The only slight issue is that it feels a little repetitive and unchanging. The tempo and dynamics doesnt change much until you get around to the solo. I think maybe varying the drums a little might help give it a different feel. Anyway, a minor complaint as the feel is quite satisfying as it is. I liked the solo too.