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18 75%
6 25%
Voters: 24.
Are they the biggest, moaning, trying to relive their youth, never going to happen, mid-life crisis having fucking fuckers or not?
We always play his cover of Baby Got Back when we DJ jazz stuff and it just sounds so much raunchier than the original.
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.
I was gonna make a thread called Baby People, but Victory2134 would probs post and make it weird.
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ooh look at me i'm ERIKLENSHERR and i work at fancy pants desk jobs and wear ties and ply barely legal girls with weed and booze i'm such a classy motherfucker.
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Middle age is the "I'm gonna stop doing fun things" age.

Also known as the "I'm going to cover up my shortcomings just by claiming I'm a mature adult" age
Yeah 40 to 50 would be the worst age I could think of if there wasnt the risk of imminent death in the years afterwards. No ones cool or interesting, its not ok to be depressed or have a career crisis, and you look like ass

God I never want to be old
Theres a kinda cliche fb post Ive seen many times about how in customer service no one under 40 is ever an asshole and honestly its true. People under 40 will steal shit too but for the most part when interacting with employees theyll be understanding of the shit they deal with regularly
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everyone is terrible, no exceptions

This. Humans are the worst of people.
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Theres a kinda cliche fb post Ive seen many times about how in customer service no one under 40 is ever an asshole and honestly its true.

You mean over right?

idk about that really. I used to work in a pub and there were a few cunts I had as patrons. Some of the old punters were the worst but then gambling can bring out the worst in people.

And most 40+ suit wearing jerks were just jerks. But as Jon777 said above, everyone sucks.
I hate everybody, regardless of age. But, I must say, middle-aged people are the worst.
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the chinese take-out place my family always ordered from gave you chopsticks, so as a kid it was fun to try & eat with chopsticks
now i just use a fork, 'cuz nothing is fun anymore & i just want to shovel food into my mouth to fill the void
Middle aged is a state of mind. I'm still in my 20s and I know people my age who spend their weekends visiting garden centres and googling knitting patterns.

I don't think you just slip into being a boring fuck when you reach a certain age, it has to be a conscious choice. I think having kids helps things along too.
I am middle aged and I am a bit of a moaning twat (not too much). However, I've always been like that and haven't changed as I've got older really. In fact most of my friends who are my age ( mid 40's) who I've known since we were kids, are still a good laugh. Some of the married ones aren't though.

The mid-life crisis thing you can do fuck all about. When it happens IT happens.
Just think, in 6 years, this guy can be a part of the generic middle-aged person that you hate.

But yeah, some of the middle-aged people I've met can be twats. Not all of them, but the ones that do come off as these whiny twats seem like high school kids who got put into their parents' bodies.
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