I have two guitars that I am trying to decide which to get as my back up. The specs are pretty comparable. What I would like to know is there a way/method for me to compare the sounds of each guitar. what I am doing now is playing one guitar unplugging it and plug in in the other guitar with all the guitar and amp settings the same. the issue is that each guitar sounds great when played but I can't compare to how the other sounded cuz I'm not advanced enough to notice tiny nuances and the most recent guitar sounds are in my head. Are there certain chords, notes etc that I can play that can help with this? Hope this makes sense!
Record them? Seems pretty straight forward, and you are deffinetly overthinking this.

Anyway, if they sound that similar, then it isnt even an issue. If you are playing in a live setting, then the minimal difference in the sound will not be noticable at all. Just use the one that you find more comfortable.
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if you can't tell by ear, get the one that feels better in your hands.

OP- what two guitars are you talking about?
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Are there certain chords, notes etc that I can play that can help with this? Hope this makes sense!

Listen, ultimately it's going to be YOU who makes the guitar, not the other way around. If they both sound good, and they're both set up well, then pick for some other reason.