Hello there.

This is a pretty interesting ride. Lots of stops and little flares of unexpected happenings. I'm a sucker for a phat synth part so I have to say I got a big ol smile on when the first synth came in. The little drum and bass flare also made me smile a little, although I felt like it maybe could have lead into a different riff rather than coming back to the main part again. That being said I suppose part of the idea is to keep a single catchy riff and just play around with it.

Mixwise it sounds very professional. Personally I think the Kick and Snare sound a little over produced, but it doesnt feel totally out of place in the context of the rest of the track.


Thanks! A future version will have different lead guitar and synth parts, I think. I shall check out your tune.
Cool stuff; sounds really nice! Production sounds spot on to me, really nice effects and a very fat yet 'airy' feeling if you know what I mean.

If you get around to it, please feel free to let me know what you think of this:
Close to the Sun

Could easily be some really good video game soundtrack, reminds me of No More Heroes if you've ever heard of it. The synth sounds go so well with the guitar which has a ton of sick effects on it. I love the poppy synth lines especially when the drum fill immediately precedes. So good I had to listen to it a second time, its pretty damn catchy! Really could use a good singer to complete it, and maybe a louder bass if you have one I like all the riffs, simple but effective and leave room for the synths. Awesome job on this one dude. Keep it up!!!!!