...been holding off on getting this pedal for a LONG time but I finally picked one up to try and use as a clean boost for my Peavey XXL.
I am *floored* by the tone this thing helps you achieve. It's no wonder that Cannibal Corpse, Crowbar, and Deicide used/have used these as a clean boost for their amps.

Here are my settings I am using... all numbers are "o clock" style.
Keeley Modded MT-2: Level = 3:00, Low = 11:00, High = noon, Middle & Mid. Freq both = noon, Dist. totally off. The mode I am using is with the switch dead center.

Peavey XXL: Ultra Channel, Ultra Mode, Gain = 10:00, Bottom = 11:30, Body = 9:00, Edge = 11:30, Volume and Master Volume = all the way up!!!

Boss GE-7 EQ modified by Modest Mike:
100 = -3db, 200 = 0db, 400 = -10 db, 800 = -5db, 1.2k = -2db, 3.2k = 0db, 6.4k = -3db

I should mention that I have an ISP Decimator G String II (and my volume knob) for squashing the unwanted feedback. On my BC Rich ASM with Evolutions in C# it sounds like Pierced From Within... I owned a Metal Zone in the past but used it as a dist. pedal into a clean channel like Cryptopsy did on the first two albums, or how Godflesh did back in the day. But never as a boost. I am impressed with the tone the Keeley MT-2 helps you get. With those settings I posted It's great to solo with too! Can't wait to get my Ampeg VH-140c out of the shop to try this pedal out with.

If you guys are lookin for a good boost for your heavy amps check it out!
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Even the stock MT-2 makes a decent boost, though the result is pretty much instant Cannibal Corpse tone and nothing else usable. Happy NPD!

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