Hi guys, been playing my guitar loads lately, trying to get better all the time. I've just been practicing now and noticed that I've started to find the strings and slide to the next part of a song to help myself navigate while playing and it seems to make things easier for me, I've not really noticed myself do this before but find it kind of helps if am playing something lower then going higher on the neck. Example playing and open Am then going to a C chord higher up the neck I would normally take my hand off and stumble around trying to get my fingers all in the right place but sliding while keeping the odd finger on the fret and strings makes life playing guitar so much better. So really my question is, is that standard? is that how we are meant to play or is it not the correct way?

Thanks in advance!
Of course its normal! At the beggining we all did the same,to take out the whole hand and replacing the fingers again,but what you began to do it's the correct way.Also,you'll notice this for example,when you pass from a Bm to a F#,you just move slightly your hand and it's done!
no its not normal, if you keep this up your whole entire arm will explode and your mother will be spitting on your grave during your funeral.......

jk, its fine lol