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I have a problem with my deluxe reverb reissue amp. When I play at rehearsals I seem to be getting some seriously bad noises from the amp when I play open E strings when playing a kinda Jimmie Reed style tune. It sounds almost like something is loose somewhere. The low end is just not tight at all. I used to play with an overdrive pedal at home but this was a bit jagged sounding so I took some advice and removed the bright cap and that worked. But now I'm playing at volume I'm getting this horrible sound on the low E. I thought I'd do some reading about the amp and how to eq it for the room. So usually I start plugged into the vib channel, strat with vintage pups into socket one. Treble and bass both all the way down to start. Volume goes up and then I adjust the treble up on the bridge and then on the neck so I can figure out that the bridge isn't too bright and the neck isn't too low. Then I fill it out by turning up the bass. I set my tubescreamer to be a bit louder than the clean sound and then add the desired overdrive and then adjust the tone control to sound like the amp for a smooth transition. I've usually got these settings vol=5 treble=5-6 bass=2-3.5 reverb=2.5.
I usually play a home built 18 watt or a DrZ Maz 18jr but wanted to get into fender bf stuff. A friend suggested I may be a bit shy of bright and so expect the fender to be as deep and dark as my other amps...lord knows what I'm doing with this thing...I mean everyone in the world can get a deluxe reverb to work right? ....😂 Except me it seems...ha ha..
Anyhow. Words of wisdom and experiences of your deluxe reverb would be greatly appreciated.
Try it plugged into a closed back cab and see if that solves the problem. Open back cabs are known for less tightly controlled bass.

Try V6 T6 B3 R2.5 and adjust volume and tone on your guitar to taste. Strat bridge PU Tone should always be rolled off a bit to better match the other pickups.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
First thing I'd do is to systematically start replacing tubes - esp the power tubes.
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i would tighten things. i have had this happen more than once. for example, i was getting a rattling on my randall cab through my splawn and i got so frustrated. after a long time of swapping things around, i realized that the 15" speaker was loose and vibrating between the speaker and cab. i had my low signal bothering a reverb tank. so i took it out and put foam under it, no more issues with that.

i would also consider getting new tubes. even if you don't need them, they are nice to have as backups.
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