I bought an under 3 dollar dc-to-dc buck converter. It converts higher voltage from my 12v batteries, mainly RC lipos, or any batteries you have within the acceptable voltage range 4 to 40v and you adjust the gold pot to the voltage you desire.

Total output is 2 Amps depending on the capability of your source battery capacity and voltage.

As you can see, using the marshall MS4 9v battery powered amp, with full volume/tone/gain, there's no noise or almost none. I've used it with Godlyke and it's noisier than what's in the video. This amp is what I used to measure noise in pedal power supplies.

It's not difficult to do, just get your polarity right, get the proper input/output socket of your choice, house the dc-2-dc buck converter in your case of choice and off you go.

Because I used a rc lipo, I already have existing tools/chargers, and my lipos charge in 30 minutes compared to 6 hours of some commercial portable pedal power available in the market.

If you guys have any questions, just ask me. I just got this today.

The left button in the buck converter turns the LED on/off, the right button toggles voltage between the input and output leads.


Picture of unit close up.

This is where I bought it from.

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A battery will always be less noisy than a DC power supply.
How long does the battery last with the amp?

Variable.. I have batteries that range from 12 to 16 volts and from capacities from 450 mah to 2200 mah.

I can also connect my batteries parallel or serial... since I have a whole can of them due to my RC activities. This allows me to also power 12v and 18v pedals but I have no need for that yet. I'll just get 2 more of these buck converters if I need to.

I did not calculate the time but it should be more than enough for pedals.

In the demo, the MS4 is powered by a 460 mah 12.6v when fully charged lipo, which is regulated down to 9v.

Btw this 460mah lipo battery is a 'reject' which could no longer power RC models due to high internal resistance in one of the cells, but it's capable of being used to power pedals and mini amps for testing.

If I use my regular full sized lipos I am pretty sure it could last at least as long as what pedaltrain volto rate theirs, but these lipos I am using are RC grade so they should be more efficient than powerbanks and commercial devices out there.

Pedal train volto is 9v 2000mah. My normal RC Lipo is 12.6v fully charged and 2200mah so it will definitely last longer than pedaltrain volto's record, but mine's lipo so if I don't finish using them within a day, I have to discharge them down to storage level for a total of 11.4 volts or else the lipos will be damaged and unusable for RC and might puff up.