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Since I been using a teacher the sheet music I have to follow is getting out of control, and because of that positioning myself, then the music, and take the cats that love to jump on my sheet music it's becoming a real pain. So this brings me to the reason for this post, time to get some gear.

One song I am working on is 5 pages long, another is 7. So a standard music stand won't cut the mustard sort of speak. I have searched and found long stands, attachments, and so on. But I would like to hear from the people here if anyone has own(ed) a music stand designed to hold several sheets of paper side by side? Links, brands, etc...

The other thing I will be shopping for is a good chair. I am going to go as far as check-out IKEA, Harbor Freight Tools (seen a cool chair there), Guitar Center, and etc. But sometimes the best chairs are those not found in searches. So any suggestions on this would be appreciated.

Also, I am thinking about getting a dual guitar stand. I want to have both guitars able to be within hands reach when I jam/practice. I could just go with two singles but wondering if there is anything better than the obvious.

Let me know.

P.S. Please do not suggest a tablet or a computer. I deal with them all day 5 days a week (sometimes more). My guitar playing is 100% organic. Me, acoustic, sheet music on actual paper. Nothing that can crash, need wiring, batteries, etc. Thanks you!
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I've started working off of a drum chair, something that came about as accident but I feel it is pretty comfy and seem to be sticking to it. I got a Gibraltar chair.

As far as music stands - the more expensive you go the better it gets, when I played in orchestra they had these German stands that were around $120.

Maybe try the conductor stands?
I use a photographer's posing stool (B&H carries them), adjustable for height, nearly indestructible. I think mine is the "Monte Zucker Pneumatic Posing Stool".

If you have cats (I do), I'd honestly suggest one of the multi-guitar stands that leans them. You may have extra room in some of them, but this will be FAR safer than the tripod-style stands.

I dunno what to suggest about a multi-sheet stand. Honestly, when you get past about three sheets of score paper, you're dealing with "too many" in my book. I'm waiting for the iPad Pro (the BigUn), but I've been using a 21" iMac (current version with a VESA mount) on a pretty substantial stand with a Bluetooth pedal that turns the pages with a tap of the foot (silent). I think mine's an Airturn or somesuch. I've also got a mount rigged for my keyboard stand. The iMac has a lot of uses, including alerting me when the phone is ringing or someone's at the door (if you're wearing good headphones, you're deaf to everything else) and they'll even show me what's on the security cameras and when a motion sensor has been activated.

I understand that's not going to fit with your "organic" approach, so I'd suggest my other option -- a good, solid standard music stand with a wide piece of Gatorboard attached (mine clips onto the standard folding bit). Gator board (actually "Gatorfoam board") is a polystyrene foam between two layers of a thin wood-fiber veneer. It's extremely light, very stiff, and available in a 48" width and thicknesses from about 3/16" to about 2". Just glue a lip material (I used something from a plastics shop). You might want to put a small sandbag on the bottom of your stand; cats *will* try to walk across the top of that Gatorboard. Art stores and framing supply stores.

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I second the idea of a drummer's throne, however, I personally use a guitarist's stool I found at Guitar Center. I don't remember the brand offhand, but it is a standard product in a line carried by GC...they make all kinds of seats & other accessories.

Not only does it fold up- nice for when I store it or travel with it- it has a padded seat and a footrest for those occasions when I want to assume a more classical seated playing position.

If you look in the ads in mags or scour the Internet, you should also come across at least one guy making (possibly folding) wooden triangular guitarist's stools that are very nice...but will cost a couple hundred. They do have a beauty to them that the GC stools do not, so if your seat's visual aesthetics matter, that's probably the route to go.
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I've got a few wooden swivel stools with footrests in my guitar room, they seem to work well. Just look for the height that is most comfortable for you.
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