Key,wallet,cell phone, that are the three items that we have to carry with us whereever we go. If only one thing we could carry, what is it? The cell phone of course. We forget the key, cell phone could be a remote control to open our door; if we forget our wallets, our cell phones could pay our bills. Moreover, cell phone is a multi functions machine now, it could help us to finis many works. For example, the cell phone could be used as a camera to take photos at any time; It could be an Internet terminal to log us in Internet at any time; Also, it could be used as movie center to watch movies; And it is a music player, a GPS navigation item, a game player. As our technology develop, the cell phones could be more powerful, it could finish more and more jobs for us. But in many places that silence is needed, cell phone could also cause trouble. Most of us may have experience, when we are watching a movie, there is always somone behind us takes out his cell phone and start to yell to it. Now the problem is, how to take better use of the cell phone and keep us away of cell phone noisy? A cell phone jammer may be the key. Cell phone jammer is an anti cell phone electronic device, it could create a stronger signal to cover and hide cell phone signal in the same frequency. After turn it on, in a certain area all cell phones will be out of service. But once we turn it off, all cell phones will come back to work in a minute, it is very convenient. Are you interested in the cell phone jammer now? Do you want to know more about it? Just come to take a look at this good cell phone jammer: 40 Meters 4 Band Adjustable Desktop Mobile Phone Jammer with Remote Control. Mobile phone jammer is a device which is efficient in blocking the transmission of signals between the cell phone and its nearby base station. Many people couldn’t stop talking with their aimless phone talks in these places like churches, theatres, concert halls, classrooms, libraries, banks, museums. At this time you really need a cell phone jammer.

Powerful and effective, this adjustable 4 band desktop cell phone blocker with remote control blocks any signals on the CDMA, GSM and 3G bands without interrupting any other electronic device. With the remote control, you can turn it ON and OFF for any time. The adjustable band can control partial and selective frequency blocking of any mobile phone signal. The power supply is AC/DC adapter, so it may continue to work 24/7. The shielding radius is up to 40 meters.

The frequency of this device is compatible for European frequency (900/1800MHz)

Technical Specification
RF Frequency
-CDMA800 (850-894MHz)
-DCS1800 (1805-1880MHz)
-3G (2100-2170MHz)
Total Power: 10watt
Power Supply: AC 110-240V / DC 5V
Shielding Radius: Up to 40 meters (signal strength <= -75dbm, depends on the signal strength in the given area)
Weight: 2.8KG
Size: 200(L)*165(W)*60(H)mm

Package Contents
Antennas *4
AD/DC Adaptor

This is a desktop cell phone signal jammer, it could be put in conference room, movie center, law court, library,restaurant to work continuously. It could jam almost all cell phone signals, including CDMA,GSM, DCS and 3G cell phones. Also, it has a remote control which make it could be turned on and off in a distance. If you want to know more about it, please come to our website, here you could find many kinds of jammers, besides of cell phone jammers, you could also find GPS jammer, wifi jammer, audio jammer, 4G jammer and other many different jammers.