My Engl E530 powers up fine and sounds normal for approx 20 secs after which the volume drops away quickly until no volume at all?
Anybody any ideas what might cause this?
possibly the power section

How old are the tubes?
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The e530 has a solid state power section, I doubt it's its fault.

Still how old are the tubes in it?
May well be a pre tube problem.

What are you connecting the thing to also?
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Power amp is an old peavey cs200x but that's fine, it's definitely the Engl that's not healthy. I've tried it running through both my peavey power amp and the engls built in power amp and no difference so ruling that out?
I've opened it up to look at the preamp tubes, they look clear and clean but I'll get some replacements soon so I can rule that particular problem in or out. However if it was the preamp tubes faulty or blown would it not work at all until they're changed, surely they wouldn't work fine for a few seconds before going again?