Hi guys,

few days ago my volume knob came off and I glued it. Genius
Glue probably went through guitar pot and something happened and volume is now on 6, maybe 7 out of 10. I can even pull up and down top of the potentiometer.

Anyway, which pot would you recommend for it?
Guitar is Tokai PRS made in Korea.
It not cheap PRS copy. It can be measured with any PRS SE without a hitch.

500K pot. You might as well do them all and use CTS or Bournes
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^^ What he said. it's never a bad idea to replace the (likely) cheaper pots they use at the Tokai factory with some good aftermarkets. You're going to be in there anyway.
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a full sized pot you'd want. They have a thicker shaft diameter that sticks out of the guitar. Where as the cheapest import ones can be skinnier.

Go with quality if you plan to keep the guitar and avoid chinese ebay.

Alpha or CTS are the two main brands of regular pots
500k for humbuckers. Some guys go with 1m (1000k) for more brightness but it's kind of overkill.

if your pickups are 4 wire and you don't have a push pull I'd highly recommend it as I found PRS to be very diverse guitars in the SE line as I've never seen a bolt on basswood or plywood PRS with no name parts. So I've got a lot of respect for the guitars Paul Reed Smith puts out. The only bad PRS guitar I've played was the mark tremonti one. Hated the bridge and it was too thin I sold it asap.

so push pull brands
Alpha or Dimarzio. Alpha is easier to work with.
again 500k for them
there is only one kind of push pull and they wire up like an on/on dpdt switch

*you want regular length shafts for the pots

*and finally but I like to be comprehensive there is different shaft types for the pots. Split shaft for example there is a difference for the knobs. I don't know how to put this last one into words it's more of a visual thing.

*if you keep the volume at 10 go with any pot type. A500k vs B500k. Me personally I don't touch A500k as I hate the swell sound you get from pots rolling them down so I only use B500k.

one out of the box one to check out is the "Shadow kill pot" if you're a fan of killswitches. Rob Chapman did a great demo on it. It's a volume pot you smack down and you get that cool killswitch effect. Unlike traditional killswitches before this, this is still a volume knob too so your guitar will look and sound no different.

some helpful sites to check out and get the most of your guitar wiring are below
for pickup color codes

and a guitar wiring generator if you're not using seymour duncan pickups just use the color codes to compensate

hope i could help
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Quote by Sentinell

What do you think about these?

I guess I will go for A500K.
What is A1MEG?


1 meg is just 2X a 500 k pot. Like he said, it will be a little bit brighter. soemtimes harsh.
Oh, ok.
Are these fine?
They are not expensive..I guess everything is fine with them.
exactly for example go with a dimarzio , CTS or any non-chinese brand. The only expensive pot mentioned is probably the shadow kill pot or perhaps a seymour duncan liberator. The liberator makes it quick and easy to swap pickups. Today though manufactuers will market anything even Eddie Van Halen and Yngwie Malmsteen have signature volume pots out.

i doubt there is any tone difference expensive to cheap volume pots but reliability is important. Try a local guitar shop if you can. You may even get to try the pot before you buy it. I like 18mm shaft height myself.