I've been buying a lot of pedals recently and noticed a Tech 21 SA1 pedal while trolling around on reverb.. for.. $289? Really, I bought one for around $25 bucks in 1996 and it just sits on a shelf. Seems a little brittle with some crackle, can I just hit it with some Deoxit? Would that help?

Also I want to be honest/accurate if describing the item for sale and just a little worried that it sounds a bit different from some youtube clips. There's a very noticeable boost but the OD is thin. I could probably just offer refunds (if anyone was disappointed) to be fair.

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That's not really intended to be used as a pedal into an amp. It's studio gear for working without an amp. The Sansamp line is the gold standard for analog modeling circuits.
They also make the "Character" series, which are similar but dedicated to a single maker. I have the "British", which is a Marshall emulator. As jpnyc implied, they aren't particularly good as infront of an amp, but the new ones have a speaker emulator bypass switch, and likely work very well in that role. Mine is an old one without the speaker bypass, and it works very well with headphones, if a little quiet.
This one apparently has multi functionality, I don't see why it won't be good as a boost on the 1-6 settings, if you engage the other two it will probably also engage cabinet emulation.

I have several of their Sansamp series and they are really good as a front end for an amp or as a direct recording device. The TRI-OD is one of these and it has speaker emulation that you can use by itself of you can use it as a front end to a preamp. I used to put it in front of my Marshall VS8100 head and it was getting some really good aggressive metal tones.