You should probably link a specific song, this is a forum dedicated to advice and criticism of music, not advertising.

I listened to a random song off of you facebook page. Nice guitar work, and nice atmosphere as well. I'd just work more on the vocals and the production. I'd say that a bit more mature vocal style, such as a proper death growl, could make the songs sound really crushing.
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As said above - some interesting ideas. I listened to Mirages. There appears to be some timing issues that need working on (the snare seemed off, as did the vocals at times). It could use some evening out volume wise too (vocals in particular) and the guitars are very muddy. I dont know how you intended it to sound, so maybe I'm wrong.

thanks for the feedback guys. i just started recording music so i don't know a whole lot about mixing or mastering. i didn't spend a whole lot of time recording vocals either so i'll try to rerecord them sometime soon. I think i'm gonna take out the clean singing or redo the pattern