To make a long story short, my grandpa thought it would be a great idea to "fix up" most of my guitars while I was away at college, and he decided, among other things, to spray Finger Ease on the back of the necks.
On most of my guitars its not an issue, I don't really feel it, but on my Godin Redline its painfully obvious and pretty much destroyed the feel of the neck. Instead of a super fine sanded/satin feel and look it's now shiny and waxy/tacky feeling.
Is there any way to remove it other than super fine sandpaper and re-finishing? or am I screwed and just need to order a new guitar or neck?
Finger Ease is essentially mineral oil.
Almost any slightly soapy (use mild dish soap) rag will remove it if it's an issue for you. Wipe on, Wipe off (thank you, Mr Miyagi!). You may have to do this a couple of times.

Hide the Finger Ease and thank your Grandpa for thinking of you. It was very nice of him. If bit disconcerting <G>.
Man I love that stuff, it was banned it Canada due to improper labelling and it's still in effect as far as I know. Have qwikstik or something but don't use it much anymore, but as said above, it's just oil and wipes away. It'll eventually go away, but if you want it gone quick, soap and water.
The soap and water helped a bit but the finger ease is still seriously caked on, I'll wash it for about a week and see what happens.
I do appreciate his concerns but his "Fixes" are going to cost me a good chunk of change and time to repair and replace. Have to get a new bridge for my acoustic because it split in two, after ignoring a sticky that said do not string, he took off with the Grover tuners on my Squire as well as the tremolo springs so gotta replace those, had to rewire my Yamaha and Squier after he went in and reversed the selector switches, as well stripped out the saddles on my Redline trying to get it from drop B to standard tuning and I'm pretty sure it needs a truss rod adjustment now, and had to find a used Vypyr because he tried to mod mine and broke it.
Haha sounds like grandpa did a good number. I'm sure you are, but I would be furious. Good luck with your dilemmas.
Thanks. After a bit more internet digging it looks like Finger Ease has silicone in it so if washing with soap and water doesn't do the trick after a while I may try rubbing alcohol and a cloth or if all else fails non-scratch scotch brite pad, unless someone else knows a way. I'm a bit worried about what little finish there is on the back of the neck but I'd rather have it smooth and silky rather than sticky.