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8 42%
2 11%
9 47%
Voters: 19.
Pizzas and salads yes.

Alone? no.
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I really want to try them on pizza. Partly because of Futurama.
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I like them on stuff if they are decent ones. Have to be in the mood for them though, because they are a bit too salty for me generally. Sometimes I'll buy a jar of fancy anchovies since I'm in the mood, eat a few with some salad or pasta or something and then have to throw out the rest a month or two later because I was never in the mood again for something so salty.

Always wondered if you could get less salted ones but I've tried a bunch of different brands of anchovies and they are all super salty.

fuck those awful "anchovies" you get on a pizza hut or dominoes pizza though. just a nasty ball of salt that barely tastes of fish.

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I'm not a huge fan of anchovies, but do like smoked mussels, baby clams or oysters.

I don't hate anchovies, and I'll eat them and smoked herring if the opportunity presents itself, but I won't go out of my way to find them.

I have NOT tried these however...

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never had em, though I've always wanted to try it on pizza. I was thinking of trying it on pizza hut sometime, but the theguitarist has me thinking I should try it somewhere that actually makes good pizza
I thought anchovies on pizza was something that only happened in cartoons.
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ive never tried them but i love sardines. are they similar in taste?

Every time I've had anchovies they were way saltier. Not a bad thing though imo.
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