Hi everyone!

We started a Death tribute band with my brother and couple of friends, and we're going to be posting a lot of Death covers on youtube in the near future. We just completed our first project, and although it's a little messy at some points, we're pretty satisfied with the overall sound and look of the video.

We'd greatly appreciate any feedback you might have regarding the playing, the mix or anything else that comes to mind.

Here's the video, hope you enjoy it!

Impressive work I have to admit. I think you spent a lot of time making this cover. The sound is pretty solid, maybe it requires a little bit more bass. Also next time when you will edit your video put the solo part alone on the screen so the people can watch only guitar player performing, after the solo you can go again to split-screen. I wish you luck and many views because you really deserve it. Cheers!

Thanks a lot for the feedback, we really appreciate it. We did indeed spend quite a bit of time putting this together so it's nice to hear that you liked it!

As for the solo part, we'll definitely consider the full-screen mode option in our future videos. We had some trouble with the editing due to our crappy software (iMovie) and our lack of experience in using it, but I think things will be a lot easier the next time around. We'll likely experiment with some more variation between full-screen and split-screen views in general as well.
Yeah great job overall man. I can't pick out any flaws. And I totally get the editing thing. I just learned to use Adobe Premiere and I created my first video with it splitting the screen three-ways (I had two lead guitars in harmony and one rhythm guitar). I kind of wanted to go to one screen at one point but I don't know how to switch back and forth in the same video! lol

Here's the thread if you want to check it out:

Great cover dudes! I would add some more bass but at the end this is a matter of taste. The video, performance and recording is great! Keep doing this stuff!