So I installed some new DiMarzio bridge pickups.

After all the work, I plugged it in and tapped on the polepieces, was getting noise through. Assumed it was all good.

Strung it up, but to my surprise, I was getting no sound through from the strings. Raised pickups all the way up, still no sound.

Tapped polepieces again, still working, fiddled around with knobs etc, nothing from the strings.

I clearly did something wrong. Anyone got any idea?

Bare and Green wire are soldered to the back of the pot, and the red wire is soldered where the old hot wire was.
Are the connections grounding out anywhere? That would be the first thing I check.
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Also it seems like you are using the correct wires. Did you solder together and tape off the black and white wires? I forgot to solder the North and South together once and had all sorts of intermittent issues.

Pictures would help.

Are you sure you have good connections and solid bright shiny solder joints on everything?
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It was the black and the white wire causing the problem, were not soldered off together. My fault as I suspected!

Thanks for the help