Please don't ask why but anyways, I have a Kerry King Signature Wartribe guitar and pretty well I think Kerry King is a major tool and the thing looks cheesy with its little flamey things.

So I was thinking I'm gonna take er right down to the basswood and repaint it white and reshape the headstock to be like their 6 in line stocks so it doesn't look so dumb.

So the ultimate question here really is:
When Kerry King dies, will this guitar be worth anything?

If not, this is the start of my refinishing and headstock reshaping thread.
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Not sure if you're being serious or not.. but just because it's a signature guitar doesn't make it valuable.. if he's alive or dead..

The only way you'd be able to get something from it is if he'd played the actual guitar you have, then you'd need to prove it. If it's just a standard signature model, then by selling it you'd probably need to slash in half the price you paid and take a loss.. you won't get anything more back for it..

You'd be better off going down the project route, make a guitar that you'll enjoy playing, something that's special to you!
Worth anything? I highly doubt it, considering BC Rich has made zillions of the damn things. My advice is to have fun making a cool project out of it! My buddy bought a similar Warlock off some guy on Craigslist for somewhere around $100 (maybe less) and spent a month making it awesome! Now it sounds better, plays better, and has a much better finish. I wish I had pics of it to share.
In terms of "signature" guitars, take a look at the multitude of sig guitars that were flying around in the late '70's and early '80's. It's difficult to remember who most of those people were, and the guitars themselves were nothing special (different color scheme, etc.).

I'm not sure what your plan is to "reshape" that headstock, but it's going to be interesting to see what you do with it. I think it's a lovely pickle fork with which to jab a bass player now and again, and should stay as is <G>. In the end, dumb is as dumb does (to paraphrase). It's not the guitar that makes the guitarist. Or in the immortal words of Maria Muldaur (or whoever actually wrote the song): "It ain't the meat, it's the motion...that makes your mama wanna rock."

There's also this. Everyone's got a "normal" looking guitar. I think having at least one flamey, pickle-fork headstock guitar in your arsenal will open some eyes when you haul it out to show the grandkids.
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For me it's the pointy shape I can't get past. Stripping it down and reshaping sounds like a capital idea.
Uh let's see: a horrible piece of basswood, bad neck, cheap ass hardware. Yeah I'll give you $90
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How are you going to turn that pickle fork into a 6 in line?

And no, the guitar is going to be next to worthless in terms of resale value. Those kinds of guitars are very common and very cheaply made. And guitars of that sort of design appeal to only a small minority, so demand for them is very low.
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Right on. Definitely gotta say, I'm a little bit happy it's not worth anything. Now it's time to see what I can do with er.

So pretty well this is now a refinishing thread for sure.
So I'm thinking I'm for sure going to do the body in white with a black headstock, only thing with that now is I'm thinking the rosewood might look a bit funny, I'm definitely an Ebony kinda guy. Has anyone successfully dyed their fingerboard?

As for the headstock, check this out:

Now the picture looks a bit fucked but I can assure you there is a normal BC Rich 6 in line headstock's worth of material in that stupid tryhard pitchfork design, all I would have to do is fill in a small bit of maple in between the top horns, no big issue.
The neck is unfortunately flatsawn but that's to be expected with lower end guitars. Anyone think I'll run into issues with strength around the scarf joint area since I'm making the headstock quite a bit thinner with more tension at the top end of things?

I also kinda maybe wanna see about flattening out the neck pocket to be parallel with the body and getting either a locking nut or string trees. My long term goal here would be to replace the stop-tail piece with a floyd whenever I find a cheap one.

I'm thinking about beveling the arm of the guitar as well, I'm not too sure on that one though, it could end up making the warlock style look goofy. Has anyone tried this?
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