I just chanced upon a great fingerpicking cover of 'Here without You' and thought of sharing it here. This dude is really technically good man. That I would say is truly FINGERSTYLE GUITAR playing and I am so eager to head that direction. I wonder how long it will take for a fingerstyle noob like me to reach his standard. I think he plays better than Sungha Jung.

Are there similar great fingerpicking covers in Youtube to share ?

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There are hundreds of them, just look up "(insert popular song) fingerstyle" and find the ones that aren't Sungha Jung (since that's pretty much 90% of what you'll find). Igor presnyakov is another well known one, some of his covers are pretty good, some are really lame, but whatever. Gabriella Quevedo is a girl that recently got a lot of attention for her Hotel California cover, she aint bad. There are hundreds of classical guitarists out there (love Andrew York), plenty of contemporary fingerstyle guys (lots of really talented guys on Candyrat, youtube them), and plenty of Sungha Jung clones that play nothing but pop covers, so you're gonna have to look.

Really this is such a common style of playing that it's impossible to give you a list of people who do this, it's like if you asked "any good lead guitarists?" and provided a clip of a standard pentatonic solo. You're going to have to do some looking and find guys you like, it's the best way to go about things.

As for your other question, it depends. If you've just started playing probably a while, but if you're already somewhat comfortable with fingerstyle, with practice you'd be surprised how quickly you could learn this. What he's doing is honestly pretty simple, it's just executed well.

Also, his technique looks kind of off, for starters he's anchoring on a classical guitar (no classical guitarist anchors) and his wrist is at a weird angle, either he just worked out or those popping veins are from tension.
So true, Andy McKee, the Ninja Fingers dude, and so much more. You can spend hours on Youtube just searching not even listening and you will have list after list.
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