I just bought a 2015 sprint run Gibson Les Paul studio. It is my first hum bucker guitar and the cheap 30W marshall I have sounds like Sh** with it. I am looking to buy a new amp to just jam with I don't record or play gigs. I like classic rock, blues, and some new alternative. Mainly Zeppelin, Hendrix, Floyd, Stones, Skynyrd, CCR stuff like that. I also have an American Made Eric Johnson strat that I want to sound good on it. Any ideas? Thanks
You have some nice axes, probably are due for an amp upgrade.
Location? Budget? New or used? Head or Combo? We can help, thanks for giving music styles.
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Answer the questions we always ask (they're in a sticky in this forum). Budget, your location, etc.
Might as well NOT bother answering if you're in a country that only has Gówno-brand amps available.

MY favorite amp for an LP (and your band list) is my Carvin Belair (2x12, 50W EL84-based, Vintage30's, open back) that's been Hasserl-modified to Stage II (http://hasserl.com/vt50_mods ). The clean channel is just gorgeous, the Soak (gain) channel sounds like a vintage Marshall, but with more gain than any vintage Marshall ever had. This is a relatively inexpensive amp (about $649 - http://www.carvinaudio.com/products/belair ).

Mine's been through a LOT. It was purchased second-hand as an eBay wreck that had the faux tweed tolex torn off it and everything spray-painted flat black. I handed the chassis to Richard L Hassebrock (HasseRL). We retubed it, replaced a pinched ribbon cable and he modified it (your own tech can do all that relatively inexpensively). I re-covered the case in real tweed (turns out real tweed is MUCH thicker than tweed tolex), lacquered the poo out of it (it's now structural, and I honestly think I could pull the cabinet wood out and it would stand on its own), bought new hardware and knobs (they even painted the cream chicken-head knobs flat black!) and reassembled it. Big grins all round. It then went on the road, where it was utterly reliable (there are now a few adult beverage container rings on the top), and it is now home and in the den.

Solid, solid piece of gear.
I would probably be willing to spend anywhere up to a grand. I live in the good old United States of A. Wisconsin to be specific. Don't care if its new or used. I would probably be in the market for a combo, but I would definitely be open to a head amp.
Let me know
Maybe look for a Marshall jcm 800 or 2000.
or maybe look into Blackstar, they're a bit like the modern Marshall. Got some pretty sweet amps

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Fender pro junior with a good overdrive pedal. Try one out...you might be surprised at the tone you'd get. I've played all sorts of Marshall channel switching stuff and boogies but what I really like better than anything is a Marshall 1974x. If I had to have one, that'd be it. I built a little 18 watt amp not dissimilar to the non vibrato channel of the 1974x a while ago. I've built tweed clones a super reverb and own a DrZ Maz 18 Jr. And what I like is pretty much ZZtop. I've had some pretty good plexi tones from it and even tandem it with a fender deluxe reverb to see what this Joe Bonammassa/Eric Johnson tone is about.
See if you can hear some plexi here. Hope I helped. Chris😎
^what Ippon said. And for $1000 you can do much, much better than a blackstar.
Gibson LP traditional and DC standard, SG standard, MIA Standard Strat, Schecter Banshee 7(*for sale*)
EVH 5153, Orange TV50H 2-2x12's
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traynor ycv50b? you might be able to do better for a grand, though. but you have a pretty decent range of classic rock there, sort of both more marshally and more fendery type tones there. i might be way off but some of the suggestions seem to me to be a bit modernp-sounding for what you want, but
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Fender SuperChamp XD/X2. The practice amp that was born to cover those bands you listed with convincing Fender Tweed, Blackface, Vox, and early Marshall voices. For vintage classic rock at home it is a great tool. Does not translate well into Boogie/JCM 800 hi gain territory.
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