Hello everybody, I got a little bit of a problem with my Edge bridge in my Ibanez guitar. I got it fairly recently, would be about year ago. I haven't got any issues earlier because my teacher would usually tune it for me but since I don't attend lessons anymore I have to do it myself. Well, I absolutely love the bridge - apart from cool tremolo arm you can keep it tuned from half to a full month if you don't do some crazy bend action 24/7.

So I asked my teacher few times how to tune this thing properly and I was watching him everytime he did that. So when single string goes of balance just use fine tuners, no problem with that. However if few strings go a little higher or lower on pitch that means I have to mess with the screws in the back.

I do those things: after grabbing screwdriver I slightly screw/unscrew both springs (I have two only) judging by the pitch, usually by the very tiny bit - about quarter of whole circular motion. By this step everything is okay, I check the tuning and tune the one or two remaining strings with the fine tuners.

And after those steps done I encounter a problem, namely the strings are bit loose, especialy the three (EBG) first which as I assume are most vulnerable to those changes. However when my teacher did it, they did not go any loose - they stayed with this nice tension. But when I do it, they tend to go a bit lower. Now is my question - am I doing something wrong? Am I skipping any step? And how to fix it? Please let me know, any help is handy. Thanks.
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However if few strings go a little higher or lower on pitch that means I have to mess with the screws in the back.


If the fine tuners are maxed out then set them back to about half way and then remove the locking nut. Then tune it as if it were a hardtail. Put the locking nut back on, and then use the fine tuners if needed.

The only time you should go in the back is if the bridge isn't flat to the body, which generally speaking isn't going to happen unless you change string gauge or tuning.
If the guitar has gone out of tune and the bridge was balanced perfectly before it did go out of tune, then do not mess with the spring tension. It's the strings that need to be adjusted, not the springs. The reason why the other strings have gone out of tune is because you've adjusted the tension of all the strings across the board by adjusting the springs. And adjusting the springs only slightly can cause a pretty dramatic change in tuning. Only adjusting the tuning of one string via the fine tuners does this too, but not to the same extent. Which is why you probably didn't notice the other strings go out of tune. It was too small a change in tension for you to notice.

By messing with the springs, you now have to set the guitar up all over again.

Get the guitar perfectly in tune first. Then see if the bridge is level with the plane of the body. If it isn't, then you need to adjust the springs. Not the other way around. Then re-tune the guitar, then adjust the springs in the direction they need to go. Rinse and repeat ad nauseam until the guitar is in tune, and the bridge is where it needs to be.
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