I'm trying to choose between the Sterling by Music Man JP70 and the Ibanez S7521. I recently bought the LTD Stephan Carpenter 7 string baritone but I didn't really like the longer scale and the active pickups were too harsh on the clean channel. So I'm looking something with some chug to it but warmer cleans. Anyone have any experience with either of those guitars?
I would look for a used Sterling/EBMM JP model with the Crunchlab/Liquifire pickups (like a JP170) at that price point. I don't trust stock Ibanez or Sterling pickups.
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I've played a stock RG7, pickups were fantastic from chunk to solos. My opinion is and has always been, find a guitar you're comfortable on and swap pickups if they don't throw the tone you want... that being said, my s series stock pickups on my 6 string sound very nice. HSH configuration and it does quite well on the heavier, harder distortion and we'll through the cleans.