Well,I am veeery bored now,so I decided to create this post,to ask you all:What pickup configuration is the best for you?counting:-Comfort
the configurations are:
-H or S alone
-Some weird HHH guitars
(I don't include those Steve Morse Signatures from Music Man...you know why.)
Please,I want your wise opinion.
Different guitars for different jobs. Some people will tell you one guitar should be able to handle everything they play. They are also correct. You do you.
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I like 'em all.
My favorite for versatility is the HSH. YMMV, Hike your own Hike, Que Sera, Sera...
It depends on the person. Me personally I could live with HH forever. My only guitar that's not HH is my M-II and it's HS. Some people need the HSH guitars with coil splits, out of phase switches, and all other kinds of things. Others could live with a guitar with just one single coil.
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a guitar in HH and another in HSS are all I need in my life.
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I like 'em all.
My favorite for versatility is the HSH. YMMV, Hike your own Hike, Que Sera, Sera...

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HH or SSS. different uses for me. HSH is pointless to me, i have my HSH prestige ibbys, but i don't ever recall using the middle SC.