Anyone will to take guitarpro tab request for some power prog metal?...$$

Looking for someone who is adept at tabbing out on guitar pro.

Interested in some Pagan's Mind tabs

Would be willing to pay for the work

Not sure best way to go about it though, maybe setup a go fund me thing or paypal
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(I realize this a new account, but you can check the reviews on the fiverr page to validate my transcription skills. I used to have an account on here with many 5 star rated guitar pro tabs but it was linked to my name and I prefer pseudonymity these days)
Awesome, I didnt think I was going to receive any help. So for just guitar on a six minute song it would be 30 dollars? And 60 if i wanted keys and guitar? Solos aside shouldnt be difficult.
Yup, that's right! Just send me a message via the website and we can arrange a custom order (you can't order a song over 5 mins through the regular order form, but the rate per minute will still be the same).

Edit: actually, $40, it's $10 per extra instrument!
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