Hey folks , I am planning on getting a new guitar:

1) ESP LTD MH-103


2) Schecter C-6 Deluxe

I think the ESP guitar looks nice although the pickups are bad based on reviews. I played Schecter guitar before and liked their pickups.

Which guitar should I buy if I am ultimately going to upgrade the pickups (likely DMarzio)? Does it even matter which guitar I pick?
I know the pickup configs are different in both guitars and I will research more on DMarzio pickups once I know which guitar to pick.
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Why not buy the guitar first then see if the pickups are good for you and your amp. It doesn't matter that much what someone else says about the pickups it only matters what you think about them. Don't spend extra money based solely on the opinion of someone else who has a completely different set up than yours. You might find you love the pickups. I recently bought an Agile that I love. I saw some posts before hand that said the neck pickup was "muddy" but they liked the bridge pickup. I found just the opposite. On mine the neck pickup is really big fat and clear but I find the bridge pickup a little nasty in the upper mids. Not bad enough to change. What works for me and my amp may not be the same for anyone else (probably won't be).

By the way. I love the color of that blue LTD.
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I'd be more worried about the Floyd Rose bridges not being pieces of shit.

Though the LTD's FR Special is passable.

Are you willing to go used? What is your budget? Are you set on getting passive pickups only?

Please bear in mind that having a good amp is so much more important than having good pickups in terms of your overall tone. Worry about getting a good amp first.

I've underlined it because it cannot be stressed enough.
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Thanks for the reply. I will look into floyd rose more. I am planning on getting a brand new one. My budget is $500 max. I am sticking with passive pickups as of now. I will definitely think about getting better amp. thank you.
brand is brand in regards to pickups and anything else in life. Pickups aren't an end game final solution but if you can try the guitar before you buy it go for it. LTD and Schecter are technically made and owned by the same company so it's a win/win situation. Compare the parts, like a tonepros bridge, grover tuners, graphtech tusq nut, floyd rose special not licensed ..etc.

play the guitar first and see what you like but honestly I bought so many guitars like we're talking over 100 that there is no such thing as a brand new sound. There is a lot of trustworthy guys on ebay to more local guys like kijiji (canada) , gumtree (UK) and craigslist. I can get really into buying used as it isn't rocket science but if you want new go with what your heart tells you.