I definitely hear a bit of smiths in there. You've got a good song the riff is cool and the lead parts that come in later sound great. But for me the autotune is a huge distraction and I don't think it fits the feel, you've voice probably isn't as bad as you think it is, try upload one without auto-tune and see what feedback you get back.


Nice opening riff! Drums and bass need to be a lot stronger in the mix.
When it comes to the vocals, I think I would try to move them back in the mix (lower levels a bit and perhaps add some reverb). I am no expert in singing but guess that your vocals would sound better if you 'sang out' more, using the support of your abdomen! Don't hold back!

Good song though, and those guitars are great!

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I like other folks' critiques about sound quality. I'll just focus on if I hear a good song in there.

I like your melodic guitar profession. It makes me want to throw flowers. You get that gray going. No fooling those chords. They've got a tasty flow together!

Tinker with the sound levels, and you have a winner. Huzzah. Good for you.

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The song is very well composed, the lyrics are clear and enunciated correctly, HOWEVER, you need to project some more man. especially the chorus, it seems to fall a bit flat, just look up some videos on youtube about how to project your voice and sing with power. i get the vibe of the song sort of fits with that kind of singing, but believe me you will get a way better recording if you put a little more energy into it. like i said, i really dug the songwriting though, and production was good.

Fantastic immediate entry of super present, excellently engineered guitars. The characterful vocal is simply mixed too loud, which is a shame because it works really well with its deadpan tone and delivery. Lots of self-depreciation in the lyrics that fits perfectly with the singing.
But a serious re-mix needed here, bring the voice down and the music up, so the voice is sitting in and with the music, and this will be much improved.
A catchy, snappy song that deserves a good mix,,,,
If that's not too much you can C4C my song here.
Everything that needs to be said about the production has been said, I think. Not sure how much I can add. The songwriting is solid, the deadpan tone, as noted by Jathon (I'm repeating you again, now!) adds a kind of humoristic vibe to it and gives the song some character. It needs some work, but I think if you put some hours into your singing, it could get really good if this is the style you're looking for.

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