I can't seem to get the "CHUKA-chukka-CHUKA-chukka" right when muting. Is it because my strings aren't light enough? Action too high? Technique? I play a Squier strat, having asked the tech to lower my action, but there is still much play between strings and frets. If an Ibanez solves this, how? Is there something about the differences in the bridges which allows the Ibbie to have a lower action? Or can this also be achieved with the Squier?
If you're having trouble with palm mutes, I'd suspect it's your right hand technique and not the guitar. Also, there's only so much you can do for a setup on a Squier Strat. If you're expecting barely-off-the-strings action without buzz, you're going to be disappointed.

That said, Squire Strats are still great guitars to learn on. Just keep with it, check out some videos, you'll be alright.
Humbucker pickups can help--you don't say what model Strat, but most have single coils. If single coil, put switch in position 4; that will help a tiny bit. Also it helps if you're using high gain. If you're playing straight thru an amp that came with the guitar, then you probably need a distortion pedal.

The bridge on a Squier will allow low action, but you might also need a truss rod adjustment, a shim in the neck pocket, and/or fret leveling to get the action lower without buzzing.
have you tried using all four fretting fingers to mute? muting higher/lower on the neck? muting with your picking hand palm in addition to your fretting hand? hitting different strings? all combinations of these?
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Action would have zero affect on palm muting.
With proper technique, even single coil pickups won't matter.
You probably need some one on one to really help.
I'd look into lessons or talk to some friends that play guitar(experienced).
Good luck! Don't give up!
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But you don't need one to chug. I chug on my Squier all the time, and did even before I swapped the single coils for humbuckers. But it sounds a hell of a lot better with the humbuckers and I engage the coil split when I want traditional Strat tones.
the way you described what you want, i think its more a matter of learning to better control exactly how much youre muting. it can be variable.
^and yea, humbuckers matter more than i woud have believed before i had experienced more gear^

or are you talking about fret hand muting? once again, its a control/intensity issue, but im really not sure which mute youre talking about
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