I know nothing about the underground rock scene in Europe. I'm really interested in the underground rock scene of today as a whole, but I kind of suck at finding new music. I don't know where to look. Most mainstream rock I dislike at the moment, I really don't enjoy listening to the radio or going through album charts, I rarely find anything to like.

So if anyone could recommend some good (and preferably new and active) underground bands from genres like progressive rock, experimental rock, post rock and even noise or electronic rock I'd be grateful. I appreciate skillful musicianship and am generally looking for something a bit more complex than your three minute ABABCB songs. If anyone cares, my current favorite bands include stuff like Porcupine Tree (and SW in general), The Shining (from Norway), Baroness, Sigh, stuff like that (even though those bands might have little in common). I'm generally interested in european acts at the moment, but if you really have something good that's not in europe, I'd still be happy to check them out.

So everyone who manages to recommend a good band that I haven't heard of deserves an internet cookie. Per band, even.

Now, I don't want to put this in the rec thread. It looks like a mess that no one pays attention to. If you really feel like this is against the rules, read this as a thread for discussing underground artists. If you still want to close it, so be it. But include some recommendations on your "reasons for closing" post
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