A couple lines in the bridge need a tweak (these will be in bold), but this is something new that I wrote this past week!

I hope he treats you like a queen
In his paper castle on Union Street
I'll always be the bitter king
Who sold his soul for your diamond ring
The days of old have come to pass
And the stable's burning down
He knew the throne could never last
Watched it crumble to the ground

Does he still wear the crown of thorns?
Attempting to fill the shoes he knows he's never worn
And do you still cry for your bitter king?
His poisoned heart can't hear the minstrel sing

The kingdom's slipping through my hands
I can't give the moon and stars
Rebellion's calling through the land
But is that who you really are?

I hope he treats you like a queen
In some far off land, in some penthouse suite
Forget about the bitter king
Waiting on a phone that never seems to ring
I wish I could give you the moon and the stars
But I'm just not sure that's who you are
Rebellion is calling through the land
This kingdom is slipping... through my hands

Try this arrangement as the last verse and put the (queen, suite, king, ring) verse before it