Hey guys! Just wanted to share the finished product of a song I wrote for a university class. The song is going to be part of an all original album I'll be giving away based around the game "Brutal Legend" (I came very late to the party, okay? :P ). This song in particular documents Ophelia's transformation thru the Sea of Black Tears. Have a listen, let me know what you think (and before someone goes there, yes I do know the first part of the guitar solo sounds like part of Into The Fire off the Roadrunner United Record; I literally hadn't heard ITF until AFTER I wrote and recorded it xD Talk about funny)

Jackson DK2M "Kendra"(Illuminator/Crunch Lab)
Charvel So Cal "Hayley" (JBs)
Washburn RX30 "Cherri" (Jazz/Dimebucker)
Sterling JP60 "Mara" (LiquiFire/Steve's Special)