Looking for a Humbucker nothing used I already have some options for that. Someone that sells a decent humbuscker at a decent price like GFS or Tonrider, but tell me specific models that you have had good Luck with. It is going in a G&L Fallout tribute series. I Blues to Hard rock, no Metal. Thanks
you really gotta give us more info. location? budget? what blues? what rock?

bb king is far off from van halen.
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I just installed a Stew-Mac "Golden Age" on one of my guitars in the neck position and I like it very much. It was $60.00 as I remember. I also put a set of Giovanni (artec) pickups on Les Paul copy. They were about $80.00 a pair. I bought them about four years ago so the price may be different now. I think they sound very nice for money.
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I listened to a a few You Tube videos that compared GFS with Dimarzio and Duncan and you can real tell the difference. THe Duncans and Dimarzios just sounded better. So I think I am going to bite the bullet and get a Duncan Custom Custom or a Dimarzio 36th Anniversary. Those sounded the best. I was almost going to get a Duncan JB because that is the most highly rated and reveiwed humbucker on the music store websites, but in a video someone put it up against the Custom Custom in the same guitar and it sounded like Mud. The Custom Custom sounded way better to my ears.
The thing with people selling them on ebay is that they are only about $20 less. I will pay $20 more for new, I'm not that frugal. You never now what possible damage they could have. I bought a Dimarzio used of a pickup my buddy had in the same guitar. The neck position. I loved it in his guitar, but the one I got used sounded like ass. Probable sweated on too much or something and I only saved $20 from new. You always got to wonder why people are selling them.
These are the pickups I have an love.
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