I was in the my local shop last weekend and picked up an LTD H1000 with Duncans. I liked it enough that I am thinking about bringing it home with me this coming weekend.

What is the relatively comparative Schecter, as I am interested in those as well? I've been looking online, but Schecter has a lot of models to search through. My main concern is that I've seen some Schecters before that look like they have small body, like a Dinky, and I don't know if I'd be comfortable with that.

Any thoughts?
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I'd buy from the local shop. Trying the product first can save you a TON of money.
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H1000 series are great guitars. Schecter is a little more complicated, they have many guitars in all price ranges with the same name and research will be required. Quality ranges from being comparable with LTD H1000 series down to ones made from cheese and bobby pins.
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