Okay well this is my 1st post but im looking for some a dvise for deciding weither or not to go to M.I. in hollywood for guitar craft i know they have a partnership with schecter guitars but i still dont feel comfortable with how my meeting with the addmissions lady she didnt really have much to making me feel like it was worth the investment.

I was wondering if someone might bea ble to help me out with other options as far as schooling
I live out in the pasadena area

Really appriciate some feedback and/or advice.
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MI doesn't have a partnership with Schecter; they're owned by the same guy.

MI trains a lot more people than Schecter can hire.

Parking will be bitch at MI unless they include that with your tuition.

You might want to go take the Fender Factory tour in Corona and ask them what they think. Dave, the guy who runs the "Wood Vault", (not the other Dave, who runs the whole Visitor's Center and gives the tours), moonlights as a guitar building instructor at MI.