I like all the texture in confines of your heart, nice meaty lead guitar tone too. It's a good one. One criticism would be the slide off on the guitar near the end sounds off, I feel like it should of played out to the very end and slide off then.

Really like the guitar in Don't give up reminds me of 80's hair metal like Def Leppard or something. Found the ending a little abrupt, kind of threw me off a little.


Very groovy stuff as always Aaron.

The Confines of Your Heart
i like the reverb on the guitar a lot, the sustain is really pretty. the drums are super 80s. in the intro when it breaks down at about 1:45 and the intro i really like the staccato-y synths. really cool synth work in your music.

Don't Give up Now
i like the guitar tone in this one, has almost a prog vibe to it, interesting for such a short song. i wish i could hear your lyrics a bit easier. i like the vocal effect, but personally i would turn it down just a smidge to make the song more clear and natural lyrically

I had a listen to Confines of the Heart.

I like the synth part in the intro. The sweeping of the panning and eq in the later parts sounded cool too. I thought the use of the toms got a bit too much at times. I'm not sure if it's because of the artificial sound of them but it got a little much with them rolling so much. The clean guitar sounded good around the 1:34 mark. Mixwise, as always from you, a very polished and professional sound.

Not sure how the hell you fin time to produce so much, but it' always interesting to see wht comes out.

Hey there,

First off, thanks for taking the time to listen to my track. I appreciate your feedback.

"Confines of Your Heart" wastes no time with submerging the listener in catchy synth lines. The vocal style and effects gave the track a sort of industrial feel, which contrasts nicely with the almost poppy synth. The guitar solo is a little abstract but still enjoyable. This sounds like an awesome track I'd discover from a late '80s movie. This was definitely an enjoyable listen with a very unique feel. My only "crticism" is that the drums sounded _artificial_ (though this may entirely be a stylistic choice which is cool!).

"Don't Give Up Now 2" pops in with a nice, simple rock beat, overdriven guitar, and a salient bassline. Some of the vocal phrases felt overly off-color/dissonant and disorienting as a result. The vocals also felt a little too saturated with effects, I could only pick up on a few words near the end. My preceeding two sentences may be entirely a stylistic choice, so please take this with a grain of salt. I like how the bass comes into the foreground on the fills and then blends into the background throughout the track.

Cheers for sharing your creations with us.
I deleted my thread but still owe you a review,

Confines of Your Heart, never listened to this kind of music, sounds very weird to me but the more I listen to it the more I like it.
Hey, now. Thanks for the crit.

"Confines of Your Heart" is synthetically scintillating. In my ears, it pans to and fro. I dig it. The Terminator should start zapping folks to this song. The vocals are discordy and uninhibited. I enjoy it.

The beginning of "Don't Give Up, Now" makes me want to jazzercise. Get those knees up! I'm a goof that relishes sour, bonky singing. Fun, fun. The guitar is driving a Subaru. That's cool. A real toe-tapper.

Be proud. You rock.
Confines of your heart: Love your vocals on this. Very outside the box sounding song, almost like a more electronic pink floyd. This is outside even for you. VERY killer song. Really couldnt offer much critique, i enjoyed it too much, didnt really find a flaw. Your production seems to have gotten better since ive listened to ur stuff.

Dont give up: WOAH, sounding really 80s right off the bat. Love that punchy bass tone. Reminds me almost of flock of seagulls meets better music for lack of better terms haha. As hydra said this is definitely a toe tapper, im tapping my toe at this second. The guitar playing is quite good on this track. Love your lead licks. The production on the guitar in this is great as well! What kind of rig did you run with the guitar? Sounded pretty killer!
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Thank you for listening and commenting, I appreciate it! For "Don't Give Up Now" guitar, here was the set up: Yamaha SBG1300TS (circa 1986, the only electric guitar I have ever owned) > Roland multi-effects (VS8F-1, circa 1996) which includes amp modeling and digital delay. People like to make fun of the Flock of Seagulls, but I like a number of their tunes. I played synths in a (mostly cover) band that played "I Ran" back in 1984. I remember reading a Keyboard magazine article where it was asked about a particular synth-like sound on a Flock of Seagulls song, but it was answered that it was guitar being played by an Ebow (this was before the internet came about). I wondered what the heck an Ebow was. Years later, I got one, which I occasionally still use.
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Thanks for the C4C, I've actually listened to your stuff before, the name is very familiar! I love the spacy sounds in the mystery of life, and the guitar fits perfectly. I just wish it was mixed a bit more clearly as it seems a bit rough. Great work though, music is perfect
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Just had a listen to The Confines Of Your Heart and thoroughly enjoyed it. (Am listening to it again now!). The production/engineering is excellent.
I love the panning synths. Your vocal reminds me of Gary Numan (which is a good thing) but I found it difficult to make out some of the lyrics. Does't matter though, the delays made them exciting and interesting. The guitar solo was nice and restrained and fitted the song perfectly.
This is in a different league from my little bedroom recordings, very professional... a great song... well done!
Thanks for checking out my stuff!

The Confines of Your Heart has a really intriguing style, the electronic elements work really well with the more rock edged ones.
The vocal style is super interesting and original, I can't compare it to anything I have heard before, it totally works though. Digging the song.

Loving the overall vibe of Don't Give Up Now 2, nice and punchy.
Great vocals and guitar work on this one two.
If I had to give a complaint it would be that the echo effect on the vocals gets a little disorienting at time, but other than that I think it's golden.
thanks for your input!
I really dig Don't Give Up Now 2.
The ending is a bit abrupt, otherwise its great. Love the trippy voice.
The confines of your heart. On a personal level its not my type of music the vocal effects seem overkill. Do enjoy the synth feelings in the intro.

Dont give up now I really love the feeling of this from the start. Again not the biggest fan of the vocal effects personal preference. musically enjoyed this alot. even lyrically reminded me of like prog rock. Interesting to hear and enjoyable just seems to much on vocal effect.
I also liked the guitar sound in don't give up now I think the name of that was.
The songs are so mushed up with so many tracks and effects I can't tell what the song sounds like. Is there a song in there somewhere ?

I'm old-fashioned and I like substance. The gizmos are just fine to enhance a song but not to create it. Use them, don't let them use you.
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Thanks for the criticism.

I listened to both of your tracks. Personally, I'm not a big fan of the style; a big 80's vibe. I did, after multiple listens, begin to enjoy them. In both of the tracks, the vocal effects are too much. Everything sounds clear to me; good mix.
Confines of Your Heart - The layered synths are my favorite part. I feel like I'm in a retro transformers episode or something. Very enthralling - good!
Don't give up Now 2 - I really dig how the vocal melodies fluctuate. Very pleasing/interesting to the ears.
I think I share the same opinion as most people here in that the synths in Confines of Your Heart sound really nice layered and there's a lot of ambiance that fits the song really nicely.
Don't Give Up Now 2 sounded really dynamic and at the same time powerful. I really liked the drum sound, though it could do with a bit more in the fills department.

Overall, I'm not a fan of the 80s production style in general (born in 96), but I can absolutely hear quality stuff here.
Nice work!
I really like Confines of Your Heart, especially the guitar sounds. The synths sound a bit too 80's for my taste though. I really don't know what advice to give you because the songs already sound so professional. Keep up the good work!
Hi man. Thanks for checking out my track. I listened to Don't Give Up Now. I really liked the intro. Cool guitar tones and nice bass lines. The guitar timing was slightly off at a couple of points but barely noticeable. The vocals were interesting. As others have said the effects are quite heavy although I personally didn't mind that. I thought they were a bit too loud in the mix but again a minor point. Overall I enjoyed it, you have a cool and fairly unique sound!
Hey Aaron,

Yeh I was wondering because of your profile pic if you'd dived with sharks. I'm fascinated with them also.

Anyway thanks for the feedback.

Your music: Good to hear you're using the midi drums well again on 'Don't Give Up Now 2 - it works well with the rest of the mix. 'tis a nice track, the vocals are cool - dreamy sounding even. Nice guitar solo in there as well.

'The Confines of Your Hear' has a cool vibe to it as well. It actually reminds me of some music from Donkey Kong Country for the SNES. Liking the amount of layers to the song, the synths add to the track nicely. Oh and that chord you used at 1:36 caught my ear. Nice choice
Thank you for the crit on my song!

I am listening to The confines of your heart. Sounds good to me, I feel a 80s synth pop vibe in this track, I think there is a lot going on in the track. the best part of this track is the groove! good song man
@ Confines of your Heart: This track reminds me a little of Simple Minds. Trippy, texture-ey. A little raunchey. Production is smooth, stuff sounds clear, nothing amiss here. Nothing to criticize really
@Dont give up now 2: Catchy guitar intro, very Bon Jovi ish. That sudden snare hit in the beginning is very jarring though. Remains jarring whenever it happens. Didn't like this track quite as much as the previous one, the vocals don't seem to go quite so well with the instrument section. Vocals also feel a bit too loud, production wise. Instrument work is very nice, some Bon Jovi vibes, some Joe Sat vibes too.