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Damn dude. Great job! Great timing throughout and I like your tone.

How do you like that guitar? I've been looking at some of the Iron Label 7-strings for a while now. I have an Ibanez RG655 Prestige (blue). Here's a link to the thread I just posted if you want to see it in action lol:


really great
this guitar has a awesome looking and i think this one (RGIF7/8) should be the most special looking guitar among the Iron Label series (multi-scale and ash wood body)
the neck is designed to be thin for fast and smooth sliding/ playing
the EMG 808X pickups give high output and are really suitable for playing metal music
the only disadvantage in my opinion is that the lacking of finger board inlay
Yeah no inlays bothers me too. It's not like I couldn't find my way around the fretboard without them, I'm just a creature of habit and changes like this drive me crazy.