Hey all, 1st time post.

I have a mid 1990's VS65R that is blowing the 1A onboard fuse as soon as I power on. It was plugged in during a time when I had a ground loop problem causing the hot side of my 120 service to intermittently spike real high. (blew a PC, DVDs player, other stuff)... Could I have fried the transformer? a short? The whole power front end? I would like to fix myself as getting it to a service guy is a logistics problem.

Any ideas on where to start? I have a multimeter but no scope which really doesn't matter anyway till I can power it up. Anything particularly dangerous in there to worry about?

TIA for any guidance.

Wish I could offer advice but I had a VS100 that did this as well. Took it to a shop where they "fixed" it but it blew again pretty quick. If you find any info post it here! Currently using mine as an end table.
I am an electronics technician and I will try to help you the best I can. I take no responsibility if you get hurt or shocked by not being safe when probing through your amp. I will walk you through the steps that I would take when I get home from work. Hopefully you know how to solder because you will probably need that.