I'm Mike and I just want to make music.
So.. I was wondering how to share my original ideas in the compact and interesting way.
And I came up with an idea of creating one hundred seconds songs / riffs and I'll try to upload them every friday.

So let's start with the first riff titled Bass Head.
I hope you enjoy it.

Leave a comment what you think and hit this like button if you want!

Interesting idea that's well executed, and the production value is very nice. The riff/song is catchy and the tone is great. Not bad at all.

I'm not sure if this is the genre I'm looking for though. I'd definitely sub you if you were doing stuff like black metal or jazz fusion or piano music, but straight rock won't probably keep my interest. Nothing personal, I think the video was very well done, the music just isn't to my taste. I still might subscribe since I liked this video and I think it's a nice idea, keep up the good work.
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that was sick! i actually really dig your style. very showy guitarist, which is actually really cool, and not seen quite enough. makes me want to move around more when i play. the thing you did during the bend before the solo was really cool looking. the actual solo toward the end was really clean, nice bass playing too dude!

the song i posted is rock as well, lemme know what you think

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Thanks Kevätuhri!
I appreciate your post very much! I respect every kind of creativity and genre of music so thank you for that too.

Thank you collinmasteller!
I am glad that you enjoyed it! I'm a quiet guy ... but when it comes to the guitar, I can not help it! I'm working on my facial expressions, cause very often I look silly.

I listened to your song and I really like the composition and vocals. It's catchy. But I hear vocals, drums and bass comes through too, but guitars are like in the distance. Far away in the mix. Move them to the front and make them more articulated.
Keep Rockin!

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I'm going to listen to your music right now.